Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Day. New Life

Helllllllo Bloggers!
So I know, I know...  I've been lagging it hardcore on the blog. I sat back & thought to myself, I should really get on this thing, because this is a place where I can kind of talk to you all & express myself through words rather than on my videos. I think it's a completely genius idea! Haha! But anyways, let me give a brief update of what's been going down...
I moved into my own apartment on Sept 1st with Stephany, you may know her on YouTube as hszone123 or as the other "chola" from the Chola video. Haha..Classic! It's been amazing! I love having my own place, sometimes it does get lonely, I'll admit, but on the plus side, its preparing me for when I actually move out on my own,own! :O 
I switched to a new college & I guess it's going okay... I'm not too fond of it because I feel a bit lonely.. Last year at GCC I had my (boyfriend at the time) Carlos & at least one other friend, here at my new school, I don't have anyone.. but its all gooood, I'm there to learn, not socialize. Classes are going okay, kind of hectic because the amount of homework can not only creep up on you, but get VERY overwhelming. Sometimes I'll admit, it's hard to stay motivated... :/ But, I'll make it through! This is my last year at a community college! Yay!! :) Then off to NAU & possibly just possibly UCLA. I guess time will tell. :)
Lately I've been wanting to get into more DIY kind of stuff. I'm kind of getting over the whole "beauty" thing, but I won't quit it! I promise, not for a long while. I just need refreshers or something you know? Something new because almost everything has already been done on YouTube, but I guess we'll see! 
I really want to start making my own clothes & such. I already make some of my own jewelry so next up is my own clothes! :) Can't wait to get into the swing of things & show you all my creations! Well that's about all I have for the moment...
What would you like to see more of my blog posts about?? 
Any ideas?
My Life? Beauty? DIY? Let me know!


  1. I know how you feel being all lonely at school &with homework/project overload (I'm an art student). That is how it is with me at my school, but hopefully when I transfer I'll meet some new people. But Good Luck with everything. But I'll like to see some more Fashion OOTDs, DIYs, & vlogs about your life if you have some extra time..

  2. Heyyy Love! Eventhough i rarely Blog.. you should follow me :) Love you and miss you <3

  3. First of all congrats on being back! I was so sad that I've been following this blog for a WHILE and it hasn't been updated in months. Second I love love beauty and all that but its nice to change it up once in the while. I recently just got into diy stuff myself and I'd love to see more of that. So keep up with reviews, ootd, diys and just anything you feel like sharing! Good Luck at your new school and place!

  4. Omg i know what you mean about the whole feeling lonely thing as of Jan. ill be starting college for the first time all alone i won't know anyone i am beyond nervous terrified and excited all at once.. how do you deal? and i would LOVE to see a video along the lines of maybe an OOTD, or back to school outfits, or even how to transition summer peices into fall something anything we miss you on youtube :) so good luck with everything and take care hopefully we'll see u soon on yt lol

  5. Congrats on having your place =)
    I know school is a place to learn but college will be so much funner if you do network. I became a internship director for a club at my school and I've met so many people just these couple of months and a lot of the people you will meet can maybe one day know someone that can get you a job...
    =) I do feel you though on all the overwhelming of sucks but it will totally be so worth it!

  6. SkinnyMini yupyup i deff understand whatchu mean :O school i tell ya! haha but yeah i'll deff get in the swing of more videos i hope soon!

  7. DeeSquared! haha :) Thank you! i hope to get into doing some more videos very soon!! :) deff more DIY too! & transitioning summer into fall sounds great! thanks

  8. really long user thingy haha i know it gets kinda hard but you can pull through try not to freak out too much! it'll be all good! :) & i just realized i mixed yours up with deesquared! haha well to both of you girls, deff more OOTD & DIYs :))

  9. Susy yeah i know whatchu mean... its just hard because i'm really not the most social type of person & i dont like doing big club things on my own.. though i probably should get more involved with stuff... oh well :/
    thanks so much!!

  10. Loving your blog! ♡ It would make my day if you checked out mine sometime<3
    Be sure to get featured in the love list (for details check out my blog)

  11. hey heather! I do not speak English at all I just google translation!
    I live in the south of France! and I love your video on youtube! you have beautiful hair! I leave you this message just to tell you it's great what you did! and continued! gives you idea of ​​clothing and make up! a good courrage you in your new apartment!
    my facebook profile: India Castelin

  12. Youre back !! yay ^^ i loved your OOTDs and your vlogs as well i am not realy into make up and more into clothes,jewlery and vlogs. so i am not realy sad that you are doing less beautyvids. one thing that i would like is about hair/tutorials/care!

    x ali

  13. you should definitely move to nyc :)
    i just found your channel and I feel like we could be AMAZNG friends hah. ;) either way, hope school is going better for you! I always say - give it a semester. that's usually how long it takes to get a friend base started.
    good luck with it all!

  14. Hey check out my new blog! =) heather's awesome!

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