Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling A Little.. Idk.. It's Unexplainable really.

Hello there fellow bloggers,

I just decided to update my blog because I haven't in sooooooo freakin long.
Lately, I just haven't been in much of a mood for the internet world.
Of course I have to try to keep up with YouTube, but man sometimes that feels like a job rather than a fun past time hobby, you know?
But I'm sure it'll pass. 
School has been going pretty good, my classes seem a little easier this semester as opposed to last. I just really hate school though haha it's never been a favorite of mine. Although, I know I need it, so I'd never take it back for anything :D I'm thinking of doing a video on my College experience, sound good or no? Would you guys like to see that??
Anywhoozers, I'm thinking about doing my blog sale sometime soon, so lets hope I can get it started.
Any Suggestions on how I should do it?
I don't know if I want to do First Come/First Serve.. or just leave them unpriced & give them away to the person who gives me the most reasonable price?? 
HELP haha :D


  1. I love the idea of a college experience video. It's my senior and in the fall I will be starting college so it would be very beneficial. :)

  2. i shall deff do it then
    like a what to expect from the community college point of view ha

  3. love your blog! check mine out at & dnt forget to follow so you dnt miss out on anything (:

  4. I just started CC as well. And gahhhh I hate school too so you are not alone. :) But I'm switching to beauty school in the fall. Definitely more my style. Lol.


  5. sometimes that feels like a job rather than a fun past time hobby - haha, ur so fu**ing right!))
    nice blog!

  6. cute post!!
    love this style
    congratulations =P

  7. Feel better, I know exactly what you mean, I go through that from time to time, I hope it passes. xoxo.

  8. im not a big fan of school either lol but i know i need it to be able to get the career i want. im only a freshman in high school so i have a lot more schooling to look forward too hah

  9. I love your blog & youtube! I know what you mean it's hard to juggle everything in your life & try to find the time to write.

  10. Hi Heather. I love your youtube videos! Keep up the good work! I've been your subscriber since September 2009.

  11. Hello Heather I would LOVE to see you talk about ur college experience bc I'm in college to and I'm having a bittersweet one so I would like to see how yours goes =)but as far as the blog sale, I think you should just put a price on the stuff urself =)

  12. i think its great that you combine everything into one channel i hate when people make seperate blog channels its like i subscribe to your one channel to see everything that you got! ya know? so im glad that you do that i mean its not "makeupbyheather" its heather123 which is why my YT is not beautybytiffany or something its tiffzxbluexshoes so that the people can see everything in my shoes! lol but yea the college vid idea is great im startin in the fall and i am heck nervous! =] take care lovely

  13. Hello Heather! I think you should defiantly do a college experience video. I really enjoy all your videos with your advice, thoughts and opinions. So it would be great to see what you got for a college point of view, just coming from someone dealing with college right now also :)

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    xoxo I hope you can support me by following x :)

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