Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have deff been gone for too long.
I'm so sorry.. it's just been kind of stressful working over 30 hours a week
working mon-fri
plus going to school mon-thurs
BUT thank goodness its over.!!
FINALS=Accomplished.! with A's too :))
& i'm cutting down hours at work
I have alot of videos i wanna do for you but i just haven't had the time.
but hopefully i can get some up before the end of this year.!
OHHMYYGOSHHH 2010 is almost over.!!!!!!
what's your New Years resolution.?!?!?!


  1. dang girl, workaholic! i just got my most anticipated grade back, it was a b+! =( so sad, i was striving for A's on all my business classes but oh well. my new years resolution will be to be a NERD!!

  2. aww well good job anyways girl :)
    & hahhaha i feel you on that
    no more prcrastination.

  3. love r blog. i so wan pimp up mine like this. finals are over for me 2mrw, that sucks. saw u on utube- u rock. love ur personality. nywho'z, no new years resolution- they alwayz get broken anywayz- actually, i wan draw closer to God!!!. u stay magnificent chic, xoxo

  4. hey heather! awesome your back :) i luv ur videos ur always hilarious! anywho my new years resolution is to love myself, make myself happy before putting others before me.. an try to eat healthier!

  5. Hey heather follow my blog too

    Congrats on passing your finals !
    My New Years resolution is to work harder for my goals to accomplish, I'm doing good so far with school and my online clothing store so I'm pretty excited. I just wanna do more for the New Year and travel more !


  6. oh my gosh you work alot and get straight A's wow your amazing(: i hopee to see some new videos but take your time i can see your very busy haha . my new years revolution is to start eating healthy and excercising whats your ?

  7. hey sweetz just discovered your youtube and i am loving it i am a new subscriber and a new follower! keep it up xx

  8. Hey Heather i find you on youtube maybe week ago and like everything about you. You are really an inspiration for me. Remember that people all over the world loves you! And in the New Year i want to improve and renew contacts with my friends.Happy holidays!!

  9. gorgeous!:)
    love the blog!
    about to follow!