Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Michael Todd Cosmetics

Michael Todd Cosmetics Review

Okay well now to start my review on this company. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of cream shadows but I will admit that the staying power on these bad boys is actually quite amazing. It really does stay for hours, unlike drugstore cream eyeshadows that I've tried. It also doesn't crease for me personally, I can't say the same for everyone's lids especially those with more oily lids, but I can say for me, a person who has more of a combination of dry and semi-oily lids, that it doesn't crease at all for me, for at lease 4+ hours. Like I stated in my video, some eyeshadows will be a bit more pigmented than others, but that too, also depends on your own skin color and such. As for the lipstick, I don't wear lipstick often but when I do, I don't like it to be too "unnatural" if you catch my drift. This shade, Submission, is a very pretty, shimmery yet sort of sheer coarl color. It looks absoultely gorgeous and as if its just enough color to make my lips look refreshed. Now to be honest, I cannot say how long this lipstick lasts because I'm constantly eating or drinking something, so the lipstick comes off quite easily, but I'm sure if it were applied correctly with a lip liner and such it'd stay on much longer :)
The lipgloss like I said is a very nice color, however I really don't like the fact that it seems like forever to take the right amount out of the tube, aside from that I think its a wearable color and gives off the right amount of color. As for the all over stick, not really one of my favorite things to use but the color, Pixie, is such a gorgeous peachy almost bronze-y color. Not much I can really say about this product, it works just as any blush/bronzer when it comes to the staying power on the face. The corrector concealer, it does put off quite a smell, as I said in my video, if you are not one to like the smell of icy-hot, this might not be the product for you. I do like this concealer but I must say the blending just doesn't do its justice. It's difficult to blend out & maybe if you wore foundation over the concealer it'd be better, but to just wear alone, I don't suggest it. The final and my FAVORITE product is the Volume XX Mascara, I freakin LOVEEEE this mascara with a passion. I guess if you have shorter lashes it probably wouldn't be a favorite to you because it is a volumizing and thickening mascara rather than a lengthening. I really don't mind because I feel my lashes are of decent size, but i love the way it really coats like every lash making them appear thicker and fuller. It's def my fave mascara by far. I love it. haha :)
Hope this was somewhat helpful to you
& now for some swatches


  1. Great review =) Best review for the Michael Todd Cosmetics I have seen. After hearing your review I am considering buying some of their products, especially the mascara!

  2. I too agree on the mascara. I have long eye lashes and its always hard for me to find one that really works good for me. The one i actually used and loved i happen to find in a makeup box i got for christmas. It worked great for me but sad to say its gone. Also with the eye shadow and having oily lids. I tend to get that when i use a type of lotion maybe you could do a review or something on types of lotion that will help to go along with makeup :)