Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a day, What a day...

Well dang, it's been a pretty crazy month so far..
things are changing a lot for me, but it's all good.. i know it'll be for the better..
so i guess i'm going to try & update my blog more often to keep you all in the know
& now that i'll have time to do it, i think i'll be able to post my outfits & reviews and everything here for you :)

COLLAB CONTEST UPDATE:Attention all you youtubers, the contest is not a fake i promise, it's just taking time for myself,bethany, and imogen to go through all the entries, if you want a good and fair winner, you must wait :) patience my friends patience...
Crutches update: well i have about a lil over 2 weeks left on the crutches then i go back to the orthopedic doctor to see if i can start trying to walk again... its been a huge bummer having to deal with these things and having to hurt whenever i make the wrong move, but hey, it could be worse.. lets just pray that i'll be good to go. :) & soon..
College Life: well college has been going pretty good actually, a lil boring but what can i say, its school... when is it not boring.? My classes are fairly easy, there's just tons of work.. everyday is homework day haha... I'm taking general classes for now, my schedule consists of World Religions, very interesting subject i might add, Math BLEGHHHHH what more can i say, Honors Racial & Ethnic Minorities, again another interesting subject, not gonna lie though, it gets me pretty heated sometimes though, i just can't stand prejudice and racism and such & this class is learning all about it & how it affects our lives, and psychology&culture, awesome teacher, interesting course... so i really can't complain you know.?
Life in General:Well life in its own... hmm not too much going on for me... i'm just trying to stay focused on school, working as always, which btw...i wont be at my job for much longer... i put my two weeks in & i feel pretty good about it. There are more personal reasons as to why i'm planning on quitting here after over two years working, but it's just that time for me to expand my horizons and look for a more suitable job.. something more adult friendly and higher paying *cough**cough* haha no, but foreal, working at a water and ice isn't getting me very far and minimum wage is NOT gonna help when i plan on moving out.. so its time to fancy up that resume & get to searching for a new JOB.. however, i do plan on taking at least a month off of any working just so i can fully recover from my injury and get things settled. Moving out is looking a lil foggier as the days pass, but i'm pretty sure i'll be doing it sometime this year, before Christmas preferably. I don't know, i'll see where life takes me :) Umm... what else can i tell you all..? Uhh i'm not sure... lets see....okay i can't think of anything else,so i'll just be signing out now haha :) until next time bloggers :)
Love, Heather123... ps:look out for new blog posts i promise they are coming.!


  1. wow ur flippin amazing i love your videos and ur blog is awsome!
    im new to this i was wondering if u kan follow mi cuz i really want to noe ur thoughts.
    like your so cool! so plz check out my blog:)

  2. I love your videos!!! You have really creative makeup looks and they all look so awesome on you. I love how you don't take things too seriously and you have a great attitude. I'm so glad you're gonna start blogging excited...hehe. ❤❤❤❤ Take Care

  3. i took world religions in highschool it really is a great class!i would love to take the racial and ethnic minorities class but i guarantee i would get really heated just like you. anyways, just wanted to say, as a fellow blogger, im glad you have joined the community! hehe. you are an amazing and talented makeup artist! keep doing your thing and taking care! XOXO!

  4. agh heather! im so exciteddd, you mentioned
    MEEEEEEE on your 200th video, lol.

    i was the one who commented about how your
    blog will be a more personal thing. i got so
    excited and happy haha!

    but yes, so fun that you're now gonna blog more often and let us know more about what goes on in daily life.

    <3 u! :D

  5. first, Jesse: awesome looks love them, girl you need to start doing videos & share that with everyone outside the blog world c;& thank you very much :)
    Gee:Thanks alot :) i appreciate that. i try not to be too serious cause i mean c'mon its life we're supposed to have some fun & its not like my tutorials are all of me you know, they only reflect a certain amount of me, :)
    Kaitlyn:Thank you oh so much & i must say, i like watchin your videos as well you're a gorgeous girl :) but yeah that racial class i tell ya.!
    & Liz:aww thanks yeah sorry off the top of my head i didn't know your name i just know that i had read it in there :) thanks for the idea and glad i could make ya happy :) & you deff know i'll be bloggin :)

  6. Hey Heather:

    I am a subscriber to your You Tube channel and just took a look at your blog....I must have a great outlook on life and seem to be a very focused individual on where you are planning to go in life....May I suggest you try something with make-up to earn some extra money while you save to move out....You are very talented and know that you dont aspire to be a make up artist but the fact that you are so talented and its fun for you that just spells out $$$$! Ya wanted to comment on how much I like your channel...good luck