Sunday, September 19, 2010

The House Of Wade Lee

The House Of Wade Lee.!
Well well well, where can i start with these adorable lil things..?
They are seriously soooooooo cute i can't rave about them more i mean look at them.! & it's better that i tell you all here how much i freakin love them as oppsed to my video that i'm going to post about them because then there will be that select few who will say that i'm lying & getting paid & yadda yadda... so instead lemmie tell youuuuuu, first i'd like to let it be known that indeed i did get these for free, however, i am NOT being paid to promote these in anyway. I was simply asked to review them, so here is my 100% honest review.
The House Of Wade Lee Hair Accessories
My Thoughts:Well honestly i think they are seriously the cutest things, i love the way the mis-matched fabrics don't clash but rather mix so well with each hair accessory. I love that you can tell they are handcrafted yet look so good. The fact that they are more outside of the box kinda things even brought my attention to them more. Another thing I LOVEEEE about them is that they are quite affordable, like seriously i think i'm going to have to go down there & get me some more :) Prices Range from about $5-$7 & you can get a variety of different types from Hair Bows, To Flowers, To Headbands, & yes, even Wedding accessories. haha that's so cool :) I guess as they say every up has a down, sooooo.... the only flaw i could find in these gorgeous hair pieces is that sometimes the clips won't grasp onto the hair all the way, but not to worry girls, there are always readjustments & yes, BOBBYPINS haha but seriously you won't really need the bobbypins that's just a just incase.Nothing more i can really say except that they are way too cute and way unique. i love them i do :)
now more pictures, yes..?

:) okay & for the rest of the info...
The House Of Wade Lee

@ Salon Central
13720 North 75th Ave

Suite 204




  1. aghhh! that purple one is TOO CUTE!

    these would definitely look good on the side
    with some bigggg ass curly sexy volum-nious hair

  2. Awww those are adorable....I love the purple victorian one and the brown owl animal print. You should wear them in your would look so pretty on you. =)