Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Hey Heyyyy

So hey there,
i'm tryna get a blog started up
& i think i will be posting alot of my outfit of the
days here so you can see them better
& of couse makeup looks too
idk... a bunch of everythign really.
hopeeee you enjoy.
once i start posting of course.


  1. Hi Heather,

    We watched your vids and love your style. and were wondering if you would like to review our clothes through your youtube channel. Check out our Webste: and let us know if you like anything. Please email us at

    Thanks so much


  2. hi heather ... I see your videos every day ... and I love, give me new ideas for new looks every day and to use. I love the happiness with which you show and honesty to show you're really like. sorry if I wrote or expressing bad .. but I speak very little English. I'm from Argentina ... kisses ... carolina. I hope you can answer ... this is my mail ... caro.nasty @

  3. hey love :) i just saw your videos today.. i recently started a blog as well.. so be sure to follow in order to receive free gifts, win giveaways and contests.. first 8 followers receive a free MAC gift..

  4. Hi Heather!! Plzzzzzz read...

    I'm Caroline, I'm from France.

    I just love your videos, you are like an inspiration for me :) U look so pretty, specially ur eyes <3 lol
    I check out youtube everyday to see if you've added some new videos and I'm always one of the first viewers (among the 100th) (excuse my english plz I don't even know if what I'm saying is right lol).

    I'm sending you this message to ask you a favor. Actually I have an oral exam on may 29th and I would be so sooo happy if you could make a video on how I could dress up, because I really love your style. If you could it would be really really kind of you.

    I have to wear something like a black pant ( no jeans of course), a shirt ( I don't know what color, maybe white, or light blue to make it less strict). Please help me Heather. And as for my hair I don't know if I should tie them up or I could leave them loose (I don't know how u say it lol), as far as it's an examination...

    I have to go shopping anyways, so if you could show me what I can wear, I'll buy it :D

    Thank u so much for your vids,


  5. what brand and size curling iron do you use?

  6. hey heather i just started a blog as well.check it out please and follow.i love your youtube videos!!!your so gorgeous!im glad you decided to make a blog.

  7. Heather I didn't know you had a BLOG! Wow, great outfit! Check out those legs! I wish I had a figure like you!